Bitcoin India Mining Pack

Mining Pack Features:

1. 678.0 GH/s Hash power.

2. Bitcoin Mining Contract time: 2-Years.

3. Hourly based mining payouts* with a daily credit to your Bitcoin India wallet.

4. No maintenance (this includes all electricity, cooling, development and servicing costs) fee applicable on mining payouts - we have designed the PickAxe mining packs in such a way to avoid all confusions when calculating mining payouts to figure out your profits and made the hourly based mining payouts 100% transparent.

*Hourly based mining payouts - the mining payouts would be variable and determined by “the mining difficulty” which we cannot control and which is unpredictable, hence there would be difference in payouts which you will receive during mid-night at around 00:30, everyday. Please be aware that you will receive the payouts in Bitcoin only, not in any other form, and the payouts are 100% transparent as is that you see at